Defrosting board and a chopping board in one!

On this chopping board frozen foods defrost up to ten times faster than on conventional surfaces.

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the colan-dish a new invention 2015
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The revoluti on in the kitchen

On this chopping board frozen foods defrost up to ten ti mes faster than on conventi onal surfaces.

That’s because the board, with its special sealed surface, is highly conducti ve to heat and cold. Defrosti ng is so gentle, yet fast, that no bacteria can form.

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It is so easy with the Colandish!

You can strain the food directly from the pot, then apply a small pressure on the top of the Colandish and the unique Pop Up support will flip over and create a smart serving bowl to present directly on the kitchen table.

process 3

And your recipes keep longer warm!

Once on the kitchen table, the food in the bowl keeps longer warm, because the Colandish works as a thermic food container, thanks to the integrated silicon bottom and the silicon lid.

process 4

Forget pot holders and trivets!

The Colandish is designed to maximize the heat inside the bowl, but also to keep the outside surface cool: therefore there is no need of pot holders or trivets for handling it.

process 5

You wish to preserve your meal? No problem!

Just cover the bowl with the silicon lid and place it directly into the fridge, without any need to move the food to another container.


If pictures are not enough for you, we also have a short video with all the extensive functions.


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